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His Name Media Group is proud to work with many unique brands in the retail, publishing, start-up, faith-based, and nonprofit fields.

  1. "Kimberly McGhee we have enjoyed working with you and your team in re-branding our church's brand, website, and our extended ministries!"
    Maxine Mitchell
  2. "Kimberly is a trade show industry veteran. Her ideas helped J Milan design a wide range of direct sales opportunities. We also were able to monetize our products not only towards consumers but towards business to business."
    Terry Purdie, CEO
  3. L
    Kimberly McGhee's social media strategy has not only increased my social media numbers, but it has also given me the confidence to step-up in real-estate.
    The Lisa Avery
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of developed products and brands will make their way to the market, because they have developed a strong on-line community and brand awareness.
of churches will not grow; hopeing that word-of-mouth marketing will
happen when existing members invite their friends and family.
 of Internet users performing product research directly from home.

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” –Michael Hyatt,